5 Foods to Eat in Agra

The street foods, sweets and delectable cuisine of Agra are on every foodie’s to-eat list. All that walking around the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort will more than compensate for the calories you will consume while savouring these delicacies. A sensory extravaganza is waiting for you, so you need to have a strong belly to digest it all.

Here is our list of things to eat while in Agra:

1. Paratha

These flatbreads made with wholewheat flour are stuffed with assorted fillings of potato onion, cauliflower, paneer, peas or mixed veggies and then roasted in ghee or oil They are served with pickles, chutneys and curd. Although most preferred as a breakfast item, they can satiate all kinds of hunger, big and small, at any time of the day. Ram Babu Paratha Bhandar, located at Civil Lines, is very well known.

Paratha @Rahin Somani

2. Petha

Petha is a translucent sweet candy made with ash gourd, cut into cubes and soaked in lime, boiled and flavoured with sugar syrup. From Kesar to Anguri to Paan flavoured, you will have endless options. Panchi Petha at Sadar Bazar is the original shop that has been selling these sweet treats for decades. However recently many new brands and franchise’s have started selling these too.

3. Dal Moth

A savoury snack made with fried lentils (masur), gram flour vermicelli (sev) and spices- dal moth has a punch. You can have it with tea or munch on it to satisfy hunger pangs between meals. You will find several stores across the city selling this.

4. Mughlai Food

The Mughals brought their trademark cuisine, which is still relished several centuries later. The aromatic biryani with fragrant basmati rice and slow-cooked meat, the tandoori kebabs, or the rich gravies eaten with naan are all-time favourites.

5. Chaat

The sweet, spicy, and tangy chaats are a staple in Agra and across North India. Golgappa, dahi bada, aloo chaat, dahi gujiya, papdi chaat … the list is endless. The Chaat Gali at Sadar Bazar is buzzing with locals and tourists savouring these. You mustn’t be a hygiene freak when eating here and turn a blind eye and gorge to your heart’s content.

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