Shopping in Odisha

Odisha is known for its temples, beaches, Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra and Sand Art Festival. But did you know it is also home to 51 handicrafts made by tribals and local artisans? So, Odisha is a shoppers’ paradise if you are a connoisseur of art and craft and like to shop for handmade products. In fact, if you’re planning to redo the interior of your home, then head to Odisha, where you will find exquisite tribal paintings, dhokra curios, shells, and golden grass artefacts and lots more. Here is our Shopping in Odisha guide and a list of things to shop in Odisha.  


The ancient art form of Pattachitra, native to Raghurajpur in Odisha, is a must-have. ‘Patta’ means ‘cloth’, and ‘Chitra’ means ‘painting’ in Sanskrit, so Pattachitra means ‘Cloth Painting. Pattachitra is on canvas, silk fabric, palm leaves, paper mâché, cow dung toys, coconut, supari/ beetle nut, bottles, and aluminium. You will find masks, bottles, kettles, buckets, and paintings in Pattachitra almost everywhere in Odisha. But if you want to pick it straight from an artist, then head to Raghurajpur. The Konark Market, Ekamra Haat, and Pipli are some of the places where you will get Pattachitra. I picked a Pattachitra painting from Pipli and Raghurajpur. My personal favourite is Talapatra Chitra, a style of Pattachitra, done on a series of dried strips of palm leaves strung together. You can read more about Pattachitra here.


Dhokra is an alloy made by mixing brass, nickel and zinc. Artisans use a lost wax casting method to make exquisite artefacts and jewellery. Dhokra has an antique look and makes for great home décor items. I saw a range of Dhokra items at Ekamra Haat and the Souvenir Shop at the Odisha Tribal Museum in Bhubaneshwar. Miniature animals like elephants, tortoises, deer, tribal figures, and Buddha’s face in frames and contemporary-style jewellery are worth buying. I picked Dokhra jewellery pieces and got gifts of tribal figures and frames.

Dhokra Frames and Jewellery @Shameera Somani

Dhokra Artefacts @Shameera Somani

Applique Work

The vibrant applique, or what the locals call Chandua work, is another artwork you must pick up in Odisha. Artisans hand stitch pieces of fabric of different patterns and shapes on the main fabric. Birds, animals, huts, gods and goddesses have all found a place in the patchwork art. The raths/chariots of the Jagannath Rath Yatra and even the temples have been decorated with Chandua work for centuries. Applique work is native to Pipli, so it’s best you pick pieces from here. If you don’t intend to visit Pipli, you will find these in Ekamra Haat, Konark Market and numerous other places. If you find the traditional colours used in applique work too loud, pick some ‘modern applique’ pieces with contemporary designs to suit the urban palette. I chose a pair of modern applique cushion covers from Pipli.

Applique Work Items @Rafiq Somani

Silver Filigree Work

Artisans create intricate designs using delicate silver wires and shaped into flowers, birds, animals, and boats. Locally known as ‘Tarakasi’, silver filigree work is seen in showpieces and jewellery. Odissi dancers wear filigree work ornaments, and during Durga Puja, Goddess Durga is adorned with silver filigree ornaments. I saw silver filigree jewellery pieces like earrings, pendants and necklaces at the Ekamra Haat. Most of the Silver Filigree work is done in Cuttack, also called Silver City. So now you know where to pick silver filigree work from.

Silver Filigree Jewellery @Shameera Somani

Tribal Paintings

Since Odisha is home to more than 62 tribal communities, you will see a lot of tribal art in Odisha. Tribal paintings like Gond, Santal, Juang and Sahora are worth buying. You will find these tribal paintings at the Ekamra Haat and Souvenir Shop of the Odisha Tribal Museum in Bhubaneshwar.

Tribal Paintings @Rafiq Somani
Tribal Paintings @Shameera Somani

Wood Work

Odisha is known for its woodwork, be it the wheels and chariots of the Raths or the deities of Jagannatha Temple, which are made of wood, wooden sculptures, or wooden toys. You can see shops selling wooden idols of Lord Jagannath and his siblings in Puri. In Konark, it is wooden miniature wheels of the Sun Temple. In Pipli, shops are filled with brightly coloured wooden toys. I saw wooden sculptures in the Souvenir shop of the Odisha State Tribal Museum in Bhubaneshwar.

Woodwork Artefacts @Shameera Somani


Odisha is known for its traditional handloom textiles that are artisans weave into sarees, dupattas and stoles. The traditional chess print in black and white squares with a red background, the signature style of Pasapalli Sari, is a must-buy. I have a Pasapalli saree bought more than two decades ago, which continues to be my priced possession. Sambalpuri Ikkat Saris, Kotpad Saris and Bombkai Sarees are also very popular.  Utkalika Orissa State Emporium and Boyanika a Government of Odisha Enterprise and Ekamra Haat are good for handloom shopping. I picked six dupattas in different styles from Ekamra Haat and Boyanika.

Odisha Handlooms @Shameera Somani

Cashew, Poppy Seeds and Khaja

You will see many cashew trees on your way to Konark, so you may want to pick some cashews. Many stalls sold cashews and Poppy seeds in Konark Temple Market and Chandrabagh Beach. Khaja is a sweet made with flour, sugar and ghee. It is a flaky and crisp deep-fried pastry dipped in sugar syrup. Many shops sell these near the Jagannath Puri temple and Puri Beach.   

Poppy Seeds and Cashew

Shells and Shell Handicrafts

Since Puri and Konark are close to the sea, many stalls sell shells and shell décor items. Lots of people buy conch shells for use in pooja. Lampshades, wall hangings, and artefacts made with cowrie shells and clam shells are also popular. You will find many seashell handicrafts in the kiosks near Jagannath Puri Temple, Chandrabagh Beach, Puri Night Market, and Konark Sun Temple Market. 

Stall with Shells and Artefacts @Rafiq Somani

Coir, Golden Grass, Sabai Grass and Other Fibre Products

Imagine using coconut fibre, golden or sabai grass or other plant fibre and weaving it into exquisite artefacts and utility products. The artisans and tribals of Odisha have used natural, locally available resources and painstakingly handcrafted them into toys, decorative items, mats, boxes and numerous other things. We saw stalls selling these at Ekamra Haat in Bhubaneshwar , Konark Sun Temple Market, and Chandrabagh Beach. I picked some golden grass boxes for gifting.

Coir and Golden Grass Products

Where to do Shopping in Odisha

If you’re in Bhubaneshwar, you may want to shop at the Ekamra Haat, Boyanika, and Utkalika Emporiums. Pipli and Raghurajpur artisan villages are great for shopping for applique work, Pattachitra, and wooden toys. The Konark Sun Temple Market and Puri Night Market are popular with tourists.

Boyanika @Shameera Somani

Be Vocal for Local

It takes days, weeks and months to handcraft these items. Each one of them is a labour of love. Please be vocal for local artists and support them and their art forms. As an artist, I know the effort and time that goes into making these creations and have done my bit by shopping in Odisha and purchasing local handmade products. It is your turn now. Hope you found this Shopping in Odisha guide useful.