10 Things to Shop in Kutch

Against the serene white desert of Kutch what stands out is a riot of colours that is evident in the artwork, handicrafts, clothes and accessories typical to this region of Gujarat. When you buy handcrafted products native to this region, don’t feel guilty at splurging. Rather pride yourself at not only owning a piece of culture, tradition and art but also at having contributed in helping preserve the same. So, without much further ado here is my list of 10 things to shop in Kutch.

Bandhani Kutch
Bandhani, Kutch

1. Bandhani

If you want to possess a piece of fabric that uses the colourful tie and die technique that dates to the Indus Valley civilization then make sure to pick a Bandhani saree, dupatta, stole, or suit. A wide range of fabric options are available. From the humble cotton to georgette or the royal silk, be it crepe or gajji. Now there are newer entrants like modal and mashru each lending a characteristic texture and sheen to the fabric.  The nimble fingers of women and maidens pull the fabric to make countless knots. After which the cloth is dipped in bright, colourful solutions. The smaller the knots, the more intricate are the designs and patterns and with it rise the price.

The Khatris are known for their master craftsmanship and have kept this art alive. They are always reinventing with newer trends and styles. For the Gujaratis and Khojas, no festive occasion is complete without a bandhani outfit. So much so that even the wedding trousseau of a bride will have at least one bandhani outfit. There are several shops in Danada Bazar and on Anam Ring Road in Bhuj which exclusively sell Bandhani. Shops in Bhujodi and at the Rann Utsav too have rich offerings. But if you want them at the best prices, then head to Anjar where the Bandhani making takes place.

2. Ajrakh

Ajrakh meaning ‘blue’ in Arabic is one of the primary colours used in the painstakingly made ajrakh block print fabric. The shapes and motifs of the ajrakh print are by the Islamic architecture forms like the jhali windows and arches. This block print technique would have been extinct were it not for the efforts made by Ismail Khatri family. They have been instrumental in preserving this laborious but beautiful art form that originated in Persia/Iran. It is in Ajrakhpur, a town located 15 km from Bhuj, that you can visit workshops and watch the process as well as pick up items at the best rates. There are cheaper screen-printed versions available which look almost like the hand block printed ones. Don’t be fooled and buy only the handcrafted ones. Like with the Bandhani you will have stoles, dupattas, sarees and fabric yardage to pick and choose.

Ajrakh Stoles, Kutch
Ajrakh Stoles, Kutch

3. Embroidery

Intricate embroideries practised by the tribes and local communities of Rabari, Banni, Ahir, Ari and Mutva communities are remarkable. Suf, Khaarek, Paako, Rabari, Garasia Jat, and Mutava are some of the unique styles. Using threads, mirrors and beads, designs inspired by nature and folklore are painstakingly hand-embroidered on fabrics. These are used to make trendy jackets, bags, skirts and other fashionable attire. A word of caution that cheap machine-made replicas are available en masse. My suggestion would be to shell out a little extra but make sure you pick up the hand-embroidered pieces. This way you are also helping in the preservation of this art. Kala Raksha in Sumrasar village, Shrujan and Qasab have some exclusive handcrafted items which are steeply-priced. You will also find cheaper ones in Bhujodi village.

Hand Embroidered Wall Hanging
Hand Embroidered Wall Hanging

4. Rogan Art

A dying 300-year-old art from Kutch adorns the walls of the White House. No prizes for guessing it is the Rogan art which was gifted to former U.S. President Barack Obama by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Khatris have painstakingly worked to conserve this dying art form, that resembles intricate embroidery. You can visit Gafoor Bhai Khatri’s home cum workshop in Nirona village and learn and watch. Castor oil and natural dyes are mixed. A stick instead of paintbrush is used to make intricate designs and patterns on fabric. Peacocks, Tree of Life, floral motifs are some of the designs you can pick and choose from.  

Rogan Art
Rogan Art

5. Woollen Shawls

To chase the winter blues, nothing can be better than the snug, warm Kutchi shawl. It is handwoven on a loom and then embellished with mirrors and beads with some embroidery thrown in. There are endless varieties of shawls to pick and chose from- bandhani, ajrakh print, embroidery, golden borders at the edges. So much so that you will soon be overwhelmed and will want to have someone help you with the selection. My advice is ‘Never shop alone’. Find someone who has similar interests and take them along.

Woolen Shawls for sale
Woollen Shawls for sale

6. Tribal Jewellery

Jhumkas, necklaces, anklets, bracelets, bangles, nose rings, kamarbandhs (waistbands) made with beads and mirrors and silver adorn the tribal brides and women. The chunky silver jewellery is sure to catch your fancy. So stock up on these traditional ornaments as you can then flaunt them during Navratri. Or team them with Western wear and create your own distinctive Indo- Western fusion style. Head to the handicraft Banni villages where the tribals sell their wares. The other options are the shops in Hira Laxmi Park, near the Rann Utsav as well as in Bhuj city.

Tribal Jewllery
Tribal Jewllery

7. Kala Cotton

The kala (meaning black or dark) cotton is native to Kutch. Unlike the hybrid cotton which is rich white and soft the organic kala cotton is naturally off-white and slightly coarse in texture. The women artisans spend hours cleaning the cotton and hand spinning it into yarns on a charkha. It is then handwoven to make sarees, dupattas, stoles and fabric. Khamir an NGO has worked with local artisans to create beautifully handcrafted products that are sold at their store. You will also find kala cotton products in Bhujodi.

Kala Cotton Stole
Kala Cotton Stole

8.Copper Bells

Copper bells in various sizes, varying pitch and with the seven notes of the Sargam are another must-have. If you want to watch how these musical pieces are made then do visit one of the workshops in Nirona. The artists will gladly demonstrate. As windchimes, keychains, doorbells or decorative artefacts…. the list is endless. So many options to pick and choose from.

Copper Bells
Copper Bells

9. Lacquer work

Most of us are familiar with lacquer work namely; Lac churis or bangles. In Kutch, the same lac or lacquer, obtained from insect resin, is used to adorn the dandiya sticks, spoons, spatulas, rolling pins and even toys. The heat generated due to the hand turning of a lathe melts the lac on wooden products. This creates psychedelic designs or patterns. The Vadha community in Nirona are engaged in this technique of lacquering which is only found in Kutch.

Women Selling Lacquer Ware
Women Selling Lacquer Ware

10. Footwear and Bags

Leather is used to make handcrafted footwear and bags. They are then embellished with colourful threads, mirrors and beads. With genuine leather prices rising you will mostly get items that use cheaper leather alternatives. Fake or original leather the chappals, mojadis and jootis will set your feet tapping and want you to dance the garba. The bags are available in various styles from sling bags to backpacks, totes or clutches. One thing is for sure at the end of your shopping trip your wallets will be empty. But you will have a bagful of goodies and memories.

Chappals and Mojdis for sale
Chappals and Mojdis for sale
Embroidered Bags
Embroidered Bags

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