5 Must-Have Street Foods in Jodhpur

Shopping and sightseeing in Jodhpur can tire you and at such times munching on some street foods can perk you up with a boost of energy. While you will get the traditional daal baati, ghatte ki sabzi, bajra flatbreads, laal mass as a part of the main meals for that ‘choti bhukh’ / small appetites do try these street foods while in Jodhpur.

Makhaniya Lassi

Sri Mishrilal’s outlet is close to the Clocktower and sells the famous Makhaniya lassi. Curd, sugar, cardamom and saffron are all churned to make a thick lassi which is served with a dollop of fresh butter.  Since no water is added this lassi is creamy, and you can actually eat it rather than drinking it.

Mirchi Badaa

Whole green chilli is stuffed and coated in a gram flour mix and then deep-fried. It looks like the usual pakora on the outside, but it is only when you bite into it that the green chilli reveals its fiery taste. The tamarind and mint chutney make for perfect adjuncts for it.

Mirchi Bada @Rafiq Somani


For the Marwaris, kachoris are comfort food. It is a flat disc made of flour and dough filled with assorted stuffing and then deep-fried. If you have a sweet tooth, then do try the mawa kachori. It is richly stuffed with mawa, semolina, cardamom, cashew, and nuts. It is served with sugar syrup. If you are a conformist, then the savoury pyaaz/onion kachori is what you will swear by. Janta Sweet Home on Nai Sarak and Arora Namkeen outside the Sadar Market is known for their kachoris and mirchi badas.    

Kachori, Jodhpur @Rafiq Somani
Kachori, Jodhpur @Rafiq Somani


Near the corner of the Sardar Market gateway is a famous omelette shop. It sells different varieties of omelettes and has been featured on ‘Lonely Planet’. The father-son duo has been making cheap, delicious omelettes for almost four decades. Stacks of egg trays take up more space than the cooking area. Assorted varieties of omelettes are prepared using a single pan. At any time of the day, it is crowded, and although there are a couple of stools kept on the street, these are always occupied.


The Bhati tea stall is crowded as die-hard chai fans gather to get their fix of tea served in small glasses. A medley of spices like cardamom, clove, cinnamon and ginger are simmered with tea leaves, milk and sugar to give you some masala chai that will surely lift your spirits up.

Chai. Tea

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