Things to Shop in Pushkar

Pushkar, known for its temples, lake and camel fair, has another feather in its cap. If you like Bohemian and Hippie style fashion, Pushkar is the place to be. The rest of the cities in Rajasthan, like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur, are known for traditional Indian-style products, be it tie and dye fabrics, block prints, puppets, lac bangles and so on. But what sets Pushkar apart is that the styles here have an international appeal and cater mainly to the tastes of foreigners.

As a macrame artist who makes and loves all things boho chic, I had lots to pick and be inspired by. If you have scrolled posts on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, admired bohemian fashion wear and accessories, and wondered where you could get them in India, Pushkar is the answer. Forget Bali and Goa and head to Pushkar instead. Shopping in Pushkar is retail therapy at its best. Read on to know the things to shop in Pushkar.

Bohemian Clothes and Outfits

From wrap-around skirts to harem pants, jackets, shirt dresses, co-ord sets, dresses, shrugs, stoles and maxis, you will get them all. From soft flowing fabrics with paisley prints to patchwork to tie and dye and embroidery, you will be spoiled for choice. The cut, styles and patterns are just what you will want for resort wear, a friend’s day out, or at a soiree. The rates are competitive, and you can bargain too.

Rose Products

How can roses grow in a place like Pushkar, which has camels and conjures images of a desert? You will wonder. But you’ll be surprised to know that Pushkar is christened the ‘Rose Garden of Rajasthan’. The Mughals were the ones who started rose cultivation in Pushkar. We saw vendors sitting outside the ghats and temples, selling roses and marigolds in large straw baskets. Rose water, rose itar/perfume, sharbat/sherbet, gulkand/rose petal preserve are worth buying.

Vendors Selling Marigold and Rose @Rafiq Somani

Rose Products @Rafiq Somani

Leather Products

Whether you are looking for leather bags, juttis, belts or diaries, you will find them all here. Camel leather is very sought after, but you must be experienced enough to differentiate between genuine and fake. The varieties are endless, from backpacks, wallets, and office bags to slings. 

Various Leather Products @Rafiq Somani

Boho Décor

Pushkar won’t disappoint you if you want to do up your room with hippie vibes. You will get cushions, wall hangings, table runners, and floor rugs. We saw several shops selling them in batik and patchwork, with sacred designs and symbols like mandalas and chakras printed or prints of classic Mexican artist Frida Kalo. The prices were very competitive compared to those sold online or in malls or designer stores.

Boho Decor @Rafiq Somani
Bohemian Home Decor @Rafiq Somani

Macrame Items

Scores of macrame products were on display. Dreamcatchers, lampshades, bags, mirrors, cushions, and micro macramé jewellery were vying for attention, mainly in trademark off-white. As a macrame artist, I can vouch and say it’s all handmade, and it takes hours to make each item, so please do not shortchange the artisans.

Boho Macrame Products @Rafiq Somani
Macrame Bags @Rafiq Somani

Diaries and Books

You will see shops selling diaries made with handmade paper. The covers have attractive designs in block prints and embossed leather. Books with mandala designs are another option available.

Diaries and Handblock Print Note Books @Rafiq Somani
Mandala Books and Leather Diaries @Rafiq Somani


Whether made with silver, shells, crystals or beads, the jewellery here is a must-have. You even have several workshops where you can try your hand at silver jewellery making. From dainty delicate pieces to chunky ones, you will get them all: earrings, bracelets, nose pins, and anklets. Sacred designs like chakras, hamsas/hand, lotuses, and tree of life are all up for grabs.

Jewellery Shop @Rafiq Somani
Crystals and Crystal Jewellery on Sale @Rafiq Somani

Boho Bags

If you love bags, you will be spoilt for choice. The endless varieties coupled with competitive pricing will tempt you to splurge, and it is likely that you will not end up picking just one. The Boho bags with mirror work and embroidery embellished with cowrie shells trending on Instagram were available at half the rates. Semicircular jute and straw bags, evil eye crochet bags, raffia macrame bags… I could go on and on.

Boho Bags @Rafiq Somani

Spiritual Books and Items

You will see shops selling malas/rosaries, rudrakshas, books, miniatures of gods and goddesses, conch shells, etc. Since Pushkar is a pilgrimage place and has several temples so it’s no surprise that you will find shops selling these religious items.

Malas and Religious Items @Rafiq Somani
Religious Books @Rafiq Somani

Traditional wear and items

You will also find traditional bandhani and leheriya ghagara cholis, dupattas, and kurtas. Colourful wall décor with elephants, camels and peacocks, blue pottery, and mosaic work lamps are also available. But we would advise you to pick these from Jaipur if you plan to fly in from there. The options, designs and prices are best there since most of these items are couriered to Pushkar from there. We even saw shops selling swords, daggers and shields something we haven’t seen being sold so brazenly elsewhere.

Traditional Clothes @Rafiq Somani
Traditional Handicrafts @Rafiq Somani
Mosaic Glass Items @Rafiq Somani

Blue Pottery @Rafiq Somani

Shop selling swords and shields @Rafiq Somani

Where to Shop in Pushkar?

The Bazaar Road that starts from Brahma Mandir has shops lined on both sides. These shops were where we shopped the most. The bylanes, too, had some shops which sold these items. Few shops even had hoardings in Hebrew primarily to attract the Israelis who love Pushkar. Some shops are exclusively for wholesale and will not entertain you if you want one or two pieces. Many shops don’t have trial rooms, so you will have to take a risk with sizes and fits. But even if you end up with something that doesn’t fit, don’t worry; they certainly make for great gifting options.


Nearest Airport: The nearest airport to Pushkar is Kishangarh Airport, 28 km away but with fewer connections. Other nearby airports include Jaipur, with connectivity to major cities in India.

Distances: Jaipur to Pushkar- 140 km or 3 hours.

Pushkar to Ajmer- 40 km or 1 hour.

Where to stay: We stayed at Westin Pushkar. Zostel Pushkar is a popular hostel accommodation. You can do a net search for hotels depending on budget and comfort.

Travel Help: Rajasthan Routes and Trails helped us with travel and to plan this trip to Pushkar and Ajmer.

Travel Tip: If you have the time, please stroll through the bazaar and look at what is available and the prices before you start shopping. The same item may be available for very different prices, and you do not want to regret paying more. Also, set aside a budget as you will likely run out of cash but not things you want to buy. Do bargain if something is mass-produced or machine-made, but if it’s handmade please do not shortchange the artisans.  

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