Things to Shop in Jaipur

Jaipur, the pink city, is a shopper’s paradise. You will be spoilt for choice and run out of cash but not of things to shop in Jaipur. The endless varieties of colourful tie and dye and block print textiles, stunning blue pottery, exquisite jewellery and handicrafts will leave you stunned. Even diehard shopaholics can get overwhelmed by the myriad options and array of things in Jaipur. The bazaars of Jaipur are thronged by locals and tourists alike, all seeking a dopamine rush to be rewarded by value-for-money merchandise. Here is a list of things to shop in Jaipur.

Shopping in Jaipur

Block Prints

Whether it is the Sanganeri or Bagru block prints or Indigo or Dabu, you will find them all here. You will get them all here, from Mughal buttas (motifs) to paisley prints to floral and animal and bird prints. You will get fabric by the yardage, which you can get tailored to your size or even readymade garments. I prefer the painstakingly made hand-block printed ones rather than screen-printed ones, which are cheaper. If you have the time, visit one of the workshops to see how block printing is done. There are several in Sanganer and Bagru at drivable distances from Jaipur.

Handblock Prints @Rafiq Somani
Handblock Prints @Rafiq Somani
Hand Block Printing @Rafiq Somani


The artisans of Rajasthan, particularly Jaipur, have been skilled in making kundan, minakari and gold and silver with precious stones jewellery for centuries. Some of their forefathers have made jewellery for the royals. But if you are tight on budget, do not fret, as scores of reasonably priced artificial jewellery pieces are available. The lac (a resin secreted by insects) bangles in myriad colours embellished with stones, beads, and cords are another must-buy in Jaipur. Johari Bazar and Tripoli Bazar are best for jewellery shopping.

Bangles @Rafiq Somani

Blue Pottery

The gorgeous blue pottery of Jaipur gets its name from the cobalt blue dye used in its making. This pottery uses techniques and designs which can be traced to Central Asian and Chinese origins. Not just vases, crockery and decorative pieces but even door knobs, and tiles which can be used to decorate trays, boxes and mirrors are available. Do plan a visit to Sanganer and watch the process of making blue pottery.

Blue Pottery

Making of Blue Pottery

Mojaris and Bags

If you love juttis and jholas, you will find plenty in Jaipur. The best part of the juttis or morjaris is they don’t have a right or left fit and can be worn on either foot. These come with trinkets, bells, beads and embroidery done on them. If you are afraid of shoe bites, go for the ones with open toes and open backs. You will find scores of jholas to batuas to tote bags in Jaipur. Whether hippie-style or traditional ones with gotta pattis or classic pieces with hand-block prints, you will find them all in Jaipur.

Bags and Potlis @Rafiq Somani

Bandhani, Lehariya and Traditional Outfits

If you are a traditional tie and dye fan like Bandhani and Lehariya, Jaipur won’t disappoint you. Be it dupattas, shalwar kameez suits, chaniya cholis, dupattas or sarees, you will get them all. These are embellished with gota pattis and tassels. The shops in Bapu Bazar and Purohit Ji ka Katla are the go-to places for these.

Traditional Outfits @Rafiq Somani
Traditional Outfits and Clothes @Rafiq Somani

Jaipuri Razai

These quilts have three layers: an inner and outer layer, also called the cover of the razai/quilt, and a middle layer filled with cotton. The best part of these quilts is that they keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. You even get these as sets with matching bedsheets, pillows and cushion covers. The ones with block prints having Mughal buttas (motifs), paisley and floral prints, and elephant and camel prints are hot sellers.


While in Jaipur, kiosks sell puppets in traditional attire. Usually sold in pairs, a bride and a groom, these kathputllis or puppets are made with paper mâché and traditional fabrics like Bandhani and Leheriya. These make for great gifting options and souvenirs and will serve as a reminder of your trip.

Puppets @Rafqi Somani


Whether it’s miniature paintings, metal artefacts, carved wooden pieces or marble articles with inlay work, there are scores of items to pick and choose from. The detailing and intricacies are not a match for machine-made mass-produced products. You will find vendors roaming on streets with brightly painted danglers of elephants, camels, peacocks and parrots enticing you to pick some. These handicrafts are definitely worth buying if you plan to spruce up your home interiors. 

Metal Artefacts
Assorted knick knacks @Rafiq Somani

For many, Jaipur is the ultimate shopping destination when the family has a wedding. The myriad options and competitive rates make wedding trousseau shopping here a great choice. The riot of colours in the markets, the buzz of shoppers and the frenzy of buyers and sellers bargaining is an immersive experience.

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